These Terms and Conditions must be agreed to upon booking the Villa. You can download, sign, and return a copy from this link.

  1. Affinity Design’s property in Denia, hereafter referred to as ‘the Villa’, is a holiday home designed by a disabled person of high dependency and a wheelchair user. From beginning to end this project has been developed with a view to offering a purpose-built holiday villa which is ideally suited to other people with high dependency needs; even those people who are ventilated should be able to use the villa comfortably. It is important to note that the Villa may not be suitable for some disabled people but a brief discussion with us would soon determine the suitability or otherwise and we welcome your calls or emails.
  2. ‘Inclusion’ has been another major consideration in the development of this project, hence the Villa is located in a residential area close to many amenities, including the beach. In view of the fact that the Villa is in a residential area, Affinity Design would very much appreciate customers respecting the neighbours by refraining from making excessive noise or any other inconsiderate behaviour likely to cause conflict. If the event of police being called due to any unreasonable behaviour, this will result in immediate termination of this contract (your hire of the Villa) and no monies will be refunded.
  3. Affinity Design strongly recommends that each individual purchases their own fully comprehensive travel insurance. We urge individuals to notify their insurer of any medical condition as, without doing so, your insurance could be invalidated if you make a claim.
  4. Affinity Design is perfectly happy for our customers to smoke in the Villa by using the ashtrays provided. However, we would ask all of our customers to respect the fact that a non smoker may be the next person to occupy the Villa for their holiday and we would therefore suggest smoking outside whenever possible. Please ensure that all cigarettes, etc., are carefully disposed of and not in a location where the pool can be contaminated, ie., on the ground.
  5. Use of the swimming pool: The following conditions should always be adhered to when using the pool. Affinity Design can not be held responsible for any loss or injury caused by conduct contrary to the following (please be advised that the shallow end of the pool by the steps is 1m deep and the opposite end is 2m deep):
    1. All non-swimmers and children under the age of 12 must be supervised in the entire pool area at all times. Supervision must be undertaken by a competent adult swimmer.
    2. Any disabled person should only use the pool when accompanied by a competent adult swimmer.
    3. Any disabled person should not operate the pool hoist alone. Affinity Design recommends that the hoist should only be used with the assistance of a competent non-disabled adult.
    4. Before entering the pool each person should shower to ensure the removal of all creams, lotions etc. This condition is necessary to ensure that the chemicals used in cleaning the pool are able to fulfil their function. Sun protection can be provided by wearing a t-shirt or similar whilst in the pool.
    5. Non swimmers should always wear armbands or other inflatables whilst in the pool.
    6. Please remove all inflatables or other objects from the pool after use.
    7. Please do not use any kitchen or dining items around the pool. Such items should be restricted for use within the terrace area.
    8. Please refrain from using the pool if you are feeling unwell.
    9. The area around the pool is slippery when wet; it is therefore necessary to exercise caution and be aware of the obvious dangers caused by running etc.
  6. Affinity Design accepts that some customers may wish to take their pets on holiday with them. Each customer’s request will be considered individually and will be subject to separate Terms and Conditions (Pets). Owners must also adhere to all local laws and by-laws in this regard.
  7. Towels and linen are provided for use inside the villa. Please provide your own towels for use around the pool or at the beach.
  8. Items of linen, towels, furniture or electrical equipment provided inside the villa should not be taken into the outside areas.
  9. The villa will be cleaned before you arrive and after you depart. If necessary, further arrangements for interim cleaning of the villa can be made by prior request when booking.
  10. Rubbish/Garbage must be taken, as frequently as necessary; to the large green disposal bins situated where Calle Llampuga meets the main road (the side of the disposal bin has ‘Dorimar II’ clearly printed on its side). Private house collections do not exist in this region and failure to remove rubbish/garbage regularly may result in attracting unwanted vermin or insects.
  11. It takes approximately 4 hours to clean and maintain the villa after each booking. We therefore request our customers arrive no earlier than 5.00 pm local time and leave no later than 12.00 pm, ie, midday, on the final day of their booking.
  12. Affinity Design will provide you with the contact number of our representative in Denia for use if any problems arise. If our representative is unable to resolve any issue then we would ask our customers to contact us directly using the information given.
  13. Affinity Design cannot be held responsible for any complaints made after the contract period has expired unless the complaint has been notified to our representatives or ourselves during the contract period.
  14. Affinity Design reserves the right to refuse any bookings capable of compromising the reputation of Affinity Design. I have read and agree with the terms and conditions.